Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wow! The first of a series of loud water rushing thru rocks. Bamban River. Posted by Hello

Meo and Dodong, we were only 3 on this day hike. Posted by Hello

I dont have words to describe the sounds of the water and feeling of being around huge rocks. Posted by Hello

Dodong, My P.A. for this days hike. Posted by Hello

The water was so good that we could not resist. Posted by Hello

Huge rocks on the river. Posted by Hello

About a mile downstream from the trailhead. Posted by Hello

Collecting rocks. Posted by Hello

This view is facing east and the road is on the right side. Posted by Hello

The trailhead is a fine place for car camping. Posted by Hello

This is facing west, towards the main Highway. Posted by Hello

A few rocks we collected for my garden. Posted by Hello

Bamban River trailhead Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tabunan / Manunggal Valley. Posted by Hello

Mt.Ma-uyog / Mit-ol. Posted by Hello

Mt.Sunog. Posted by Hello

Tabunan farmland. Posted by Hello

Me, a self portrait. Posted by Hello

Tupas Ridge. Posted by Hello

Tabunan produce / ampalaya, ba-tong, a-lag-ba-te. Posted by Hello

Bamban River. Posted by Hello

Just another trailhead, come this saturday! Posted by Hello

Riding buddies, Dodong in black, Apol our guide in white. Posted by Hello

Romeo, our most senior rider. Posted by Hello

Flows to the East, towards Lusaran. Posted by Hello